International Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation

Fulbrook selected three areas in which to specialize by choosing those which: (a) most need and deserve help, as a matter of commercial justice (while also serving civil justice); (b) carry the most profitable financing opportunities; (c) draw on Fulbrook’s superior experience and skill; and (d) are most compatible with each other, and with certain other ancillary areas of interest.

From the many possibilities, International Arbitration turned out to be an easy choice.

International arbitration is very active in terms of quantity and quality. It is becoming more so with regard to many subject matters, forums, and jurisdictions.

Providing financing for international arbitration has gained significant traction in the “public” sphere. As yet, it has little traction in the private commercial sphere. In both, and for different reasons, the demand is either strong, or will undoubtedly become strong.

The capacity to finance international arbitration is challenging, and also complicated to acquire. Fulbrook has that capacity.

In part, this is the result of the experience, skill and reputation of Fulbrook’s founder and CEO, Selvyn Seidel. For over 40 years, he represented clients in complex litigations and arbitrations. While at Latham & Watkins, leading international firm, Mr. Seidel was Chairman of its International Practice, the founder and Chairman of its International Litigation and Arbitration Practice, and the Chairman of the New York litigation and arbitration practice. For ten years, he was an Adjunct professor at New York University School of Law, teaching courses in and related to international arbitration. He is currently the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Center for International Commercial and Investment Arbitration Law at Columbia University Law School, On February 7, 2014, the Center hosted its first conference on Third Party Funding of International Arbitration, which Mr. Seidel helped to organize and at which he spoke. It was the first of an annual series on this topic, which Fulbrook continues to help organize and support. To view the program for the event, click here. He writes extensively on current issues relating to arbitration. He lectures and gives presentations about it at various leading law schools including Oxford, Harvard, Columbia, and UCLA; with various institutions such as RAND INSTITUTE OF CIVIL JUSTICE, and LEXIS NEXIS; and in various jurisdictions, including a number of states in the US, and outside the US, including London, Oxford, Scotland, Paris, Madrid, and Hong Kong.

Fulbrook also specializes in international arbitration because, as noted above, the number of complex high stakes arbitrations is currently strong and is expanding. For a study of the latest trends in arbitration, see Price Waterhouse’s 2013 International Arbitration Survey, conducted in conjunction with the School of International Arbitration, Queen Mary University, London. The natural connections between international arbitration and patents, and international arbitration and financial distress, are tangible and are also growing.

Fulbrook thus has time, energy, and access to capital to finance international claims. It believes that it has distinct advantages in this space. Here and in the other two areas in which it specializes, it not only welcomes but encourages interested parties, in their due diligence, to compare and contrast Fulbrook with others in the industry.